Just watched your zoo, sanctuary, with loui, keep up the amazing work. If I ever get to the US I would put a visit to your park as my number 1. If I lived in America I would be doing exactly what you are doing with my brother who is a animal hoarder haha. Wish they would change the laws over there so exotic animals could not be bought so easily, then you wouldn't have so many unwanted animals when they grow up and people cant or dont know how to care for them. ! Forget about all the do gooder animal lobers who dont have a clue what an amazing job you are doing, thank you to you and your staff for your time and dedication. I would love to work at your place lol. Oh well dreams. Just wanted to give you positive feedback, as im sure the do gooders have already beaten me to try to bring you down,,, good luck, by the way I am obsessed with tigers lol, magical animals that make me feel good as I have chronic conditions, like chronic fatigue, fibro myalgia, and they make smile,,,,, many many best wishes for you and your team.

Kerry Booker,

Hello, my name is Brett. I just recently came across your videos on youtube and your website. You have an amazing park and i believe everything you're doing is great! I've also came across your videos speaking about the exotic ban in ohio and i also find it very interesting. I actually happen to be born and raised from Zanesville Ohio and worked at the local news station as a photog during the exotic animal murder. I would be honored in helping anyway that i can at your park. I'm sure that you get this often but, on your youtube account i noticed you were looking up videos in adobe illustrator and ive been doing graphic design for 8+ years as well as professional photography. Id be more than happy to donate anything you need! Further more if in anyway your interested, do not hesitate to ask. I just recently moved and am unemployed so i have plenty of free time as of now. I am 100% confident i could create anything you need in any media form including business cards, spread sheets, web design (re-work and or additions, obviously haha) your site is great as is! But feel free to contact me at this email address at anytime and i hope to hear from you!

Brett, Zanesville, Ohio, USA

I just want to say after seeing you and your safe house for the animals you care for on the Louis theroux tv programme I think that you are an amazing person, never let the trouble makers break you down if there were more people like you the world would be a better place, I am out of work but when I make some money I will donate to you,
there are a lot of ignorant people out there who get pleasure in putting down people who care as hard as it may be ignore them you are doing a wonderful thing and should be very proud me and my family are in awe of you dedication and wish you all the success that you deserve
love and peace

Gary Macdonald, Cornwall, UK

Tonight my partner and i ,watched Louis Theroux America's most dangerous pets.
After seeing the hate mail from a couple that was going to visit your park, it broke my heart. If i had money to donate i would, if we could come visit your park we would. Unfortunately, we are just low income earners from Australia. I just wanted to email you and say you should be so proud of what you do for these beautiful animals, and that there ARE people who support you and what you do! 🙂 I am sure your brother would be so proud of you and all you and your family has achieved! We both wish you all the best and hope that everything works out for you and your animals. 🙂

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013!