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Hire Joe?Joe Exotic

Master Illusionist, Magician & Big Cats Expert

Joe will bring his Road Show of Exotic Animals and Amazing Magic to your private, corporate and public events. As a recognized force in the animal rescue, care and rights arena, Joe is also available for your speaking engagements, both on or off camera and for expert courtroom testimony.
Joe is also a TV actor for hire or if you would like to have a movie made about your place Joe would be happy to do that as well. With Joe's interactive internet TV show broadcasting live 5 days a week worldwide, you will learn about wild animals, animal rights, your rights and also be able to chat with him live on the world's first exotic animal TV network.

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  • Kerry Booker

    Just watched your zoo, sanctuary, with loui, keep up the amazing work. If I ever get to the US I would put a visit to your park as my number 1. If…

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  • Brett

    Hello, my name is Brett. I just recently came across your videos on youtube and your website. You have an amazing park and i believe everything you're doing is great! I've also…

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  • Gary Macdonald

    I just want to say after seeing you and your safe house for the animals you care for on the Louis theroux tv programme I think that you are an amazing person,…

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