Tiger Rescue Scams And How You Are Being Taken

Everyone loves Tigers and everyone always is willing to help when you hear of one that just got rescued or needs rescued. But what is really the dollar amount that it takes to rescue one. If you see anyone that is trying to raise more than $5,000.00 to feed or rescue a Tiger I promise you it is a scam. Right now Big Cat Rescue is trying to tell the public they need $100,000.00 to feed a 13 year old tiger the rest of its life that I can feed for just over $4,000.00 which means they are scamming the public for over $95,000.00 which will only be used for God only knows what.
This is a multi million dollar scam right now in todays world, saying there are so many tigers that need rescued when really there are very few that need rescued, and the ones like the one BCR is trying to say they need that much money for is not even a rescue, it's a tiger that had a loving home in Ohio that BCR and the GFAS pushed the State of Ohio to make illegal, and now we know why. That profit margin is impressive but now we have the proof to take this to court to over turn the law and get these people their animals back.
So please check the source of who is trying to raise money in the name of tigers before you give your hard earned money away.
Joe Exotic

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